Cloud software to manage care in Hospitals and Diagnostic Imaging Centers, including API for interoperability with all systems on the market.

Online Distribution of exams for requesting Dentists and Doctors.

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RIS e PACS 100% Online

With RIS in the Cloud you guarantee agility in all processes at your Radiology Center, including Scheduling, Electronic Patient Record (PEP), Financial Management and Control of Agreements and Disallowances.

Furthermore, our Cloud PACS is 100% integrated with RIS, through the Worklist service. This integration guarantees efficient and unified management of all Health Center processes.

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API for Interoperability

Integration with all systems on the market

Integration of information with all systems on the market, allowing the digitalization of all processes in your Health Center.

More efficiency in the daily lives of your team and your patients!

Certification ANVISA

Cfaz is a manufacturer of medical products (software) duly registered and certified by ANVISA.

When using certified software such as, the professionals and especially the patients involved can count on the safety and reliability of a product evaluated and approved by the highest authority in health regulation in Brazil.

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Icon of a cell phone and tablet connected by a server. Transmission of information on mobile devices

Storage for 20 years*

Complying with the standards of all health councils: CFO, CFM and ANVISA.

Unlimited and 100% secure storage in the Cloud, with maximum quality of images and exams. Thanks to the infrastructure provided by Google Cloud Platform, a global reference company in data security and connection stability.

*Valid during the term of the contract


We connect your Radiology Center to professionals from all over Brazil and abroad through a unified platform with solutions designed to facilitate the outsourcing of reports and exams. You send the images to your reviewers and receive the completed reports, all through

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“ connects Tradit3D with radiologists and imaging centers, making it ideal for Teleradiology. Its online cloud platform optimizes work, creating an efficient digital flow so that our Reports Center can serve more than 30 Radiology Centers in Latin America and Europe.”
Dr. Monica Pinã - Owner of TRADIT 3D - Cfaz client for 2 years software order screen with patient names

Tailor-made plans for the Management of Hospitals, Reporting Centers and Radiology Centers

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Radiology Centers

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Reporting Centers

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Humanized Technical Support
Cfaz app
Benefits Program
Patient Management
Service Management
Requestor Management
Exams: Conducting and Outsourcing
Financial management
Requests Online
Management of Agreements and Procedures
Management of Agreements and Procedures
Online Recipe
Document management
Digital signature
Exams - AI, Exam Management,
Management > Cephalometric Analysis, HDs,
MPR and 3D Viewers, STL, Distribution
Integration with Devices and Printers
API for Interoperability
Report Center Customer Management
External storage: Dropbox

R$ 199/month

R$ 249/month

R$ 399/month

Humanized Technical Support

The Best Customer Experience on the Market!

Don't wait in line or be served by robots. With Cfaz, you will be assisted by a person from our team, on average, in just 1 minute!

Our multidisciplinary team receives intensive training so that you quickly have the solution you need!

Real-time service

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm

Channels: Direct chat in the system, WhatsApp, telephone or email.
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Google Cloud Platform

Our customers benefit from the security and robustness of the same Cloud infrastructure used by Google in services such as its Search Engine, Gmail and Youtube.

Your data remains safe from loss or damage. Don't worry about servers, backup hard drives, system reinstallation, etc.

Furthermore, we migrate data from your old system to!

DICOM integration with all devices on the market

Quick access to results and centralized information with our PACS Online

Native support for Worklist and PACS, allowing integration with any device and DRY printers, for intelligent printing, when necessary, saving time and resources.

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Artificial Intelligence is already part of our present and enhances Radiology.

Cfaz already uses A.I. in the Cephalometric Tracings tool, which can reach 99% accuracy, and in Automatic Image Identification, reducing the time spent by the Radiologist as much as possible, and saving resources.

Optimize and modernize your business!


Security and reliability in data processing

All data collected through is stored securely, following the strict norms and standards established by ISO 27001.

We offer tools for the efficient management of consent forms signed by patients when collecting data, so that Health Centers are also in compliance with regulations.

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Free mobile app
Available on the App Store
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