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Dr. José Benedito Limongi already had more than 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry when he shared with his son, Francisco Limongi, the deficiencies he saw in the area of diagnostic imaging.

Francisco teamed up with his friends Germano Teixeira and Gustavo Costa, to create a unique product, which revolutionized the entire market at the time: Cfaz.net, the first native Cloud and 100% online system for Radiology.

Cfaz, the result of this dream, was born in Belo Horizonte (MG), recognized as one of the most innovative companies on the market by SEED MG (2016) and FIEMG Lab (2017).

Today we are a reference in Cloud solutions for end-to-end management and distribution of exams in medical, dental and veterinary centers, helping them achieve great results.

We are constantly evolving to deliver cutting-edge technology and excellence in service to Health Centers throughout Brazil, Latin America and Europe.

Photo of the Cfaz team at the get-together
Photo of the Cfaz team at the get-together
Photo of the Cfaz team at the get-together
Photo of the Cfaz team at the get-together
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Offering our clients the solutions and competitive differentiators they need so they can dedicate their efforts to what really matters: patient health and the growth of their business.

We seek to make the experience more human for everyone involved, from scheduling to exam delivery, in addition to making these processes more efficient with the benefits of Cloud technology, such as security, high quality and speed.


As a pioneering company in providing 100% online solutions for Dental Radiology and with more than 10 years of experience, we want to consolidate ourselves as a reference in Latin America in Cloud solutions for the end-to-end management of medical, dental and veterinary centers.


Excellence with People

Having a commitment to excellence to exceed expectations and delight our customers is in our DNA. We seek this commitment daily, through a relaxed, pleasant work environment based on cooperation and mutual development of the team.

With a multidisciplinary team and real-time service, we guarantee excellence to our customers at all times during their experience with us.

Data security

Ensuring the security of our customers' data is our responsibility. To achieve this, we constantly invest in cutting-edge technologies. We have one of the best Cloud computing providers in the world: Google Cloud Platform.

Respect and Transparency

Respect and transparency are the basis of our communication, both between team members and in our relationships with our customers. We respect differences and freedom of expression.

We celebrate our successes and our achievements, while we accept and reflect on our mistakes, always looking for constant evolution.

Environmental sustainability

Consumers are becoming more aware every day of the impact their habits can have on the environment.

With storage and distribution of exams via the Cloud, in addition to initiatives to support nature preservation, Cfaz is a company committed to its environmental responsibility.

Innovation and technology

Contribute to the continuous evolution of the entire diagnostic imaging ecosystem, bringing innovation and cutting-edge technology to dental, veterinary and medical centers and, especially, to patients.

The Cfaz Ciência project is an example of our support for the scientific and technological development of the Radiology area in Brazil.


Cfaz.net team member Alexandre Pateis
Cfaz.net team member Angelica Ribeiro
Cfaz.net team member Ariana Silva
Cfaz.net team member Carlos Junior
Cfaz.net team member Caroline de Almeida
Cfaz.net team member Caroline Barreto
Cfaz.net team member Claudio Daniel
Cfaz.net team member Claudio Felix
Cfaz.net team member Cleiton Pateis
Cfaz.net team member Dra. Mariana Limongi
Cfaz.net team member Fabiane Soares
Cfaz.net team member Felipe Parreiras
Cfaz.net team member Felipe Vilas
Cfaz.net team member Fernanda Monteiro
Cfaz.net team member Francisco Limongi
Cfaz.net team member Geovanna Gelan
Cfaz.net team member Germano Teixeira
Cfaz.net team member Guilherme Sales
Cfaz.net team member Gustavo Bigogno
Cfaz.net team member Gustavo Costa
Cfaz.net team member Izaque Lima
Cfaz.net team member Jessica Gomes
Cfaz.net team member João Pedro Périco
Cfaz.net team member Junior Cotta
Cfaz.net team member Junior Triquez
Cfaz.net team member Kadu Morais
Cfaz.net team member Letícia Pereira
Cfaz.net team member Leticia Veloso
Cfaz.net team member Lucas Monteiro
Cfaz.net team member Luiza Hilkelmann
Cfaz.net team member Matheus Siqueira
Cfaz.net team member Monique Gama
Cfaz.net team member Natália Dória
Cfaz.net team member Otavio Henrique
Cfaz.net team member Pedro Henrique
Cfaz.net team member Rayane Pereira
Cfaz.net team member Roberto Bloch
Cfaz.net team member Sarah Soares
Cfaz.net team member Scheilla Artifon
Cfaz.net team member Thainá Azevedo
Cfaz.net team member Thales Saboia
Cfaz.net team member Tiago Pereira
Cfaz.net team member Walbertt da Paz
Cfaz.net team member Willian Varela

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