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Cutting-edge technology and Excellence in service to manage the entire patient care experience, in addition to allowing control of the administrative and financial management of Office Offices, Clinics and Dental Franchises and Medical.

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Online Calendar + Integrated Communication with Whatsapp

Organize appointments and automatically send orders via WhatsApp!

Unlimited schedules, separated by professional, by room, by type of exam, by unit: freedom for you to organize the clinic's schedules according to your needs.

Manage control of returns, waiting and absent patients, through reports that are also 100% customizable.

Carry out automatic delivery of exams via WhatsApp, with the cost starting at R$0.35 per message. booking screen PEP screen

PEP - Electronic Patient Record

With's PEP you have an online tool that speeds up access to clinical information through the history of patient data and exams, in addition to reducing documentation errors and enabling more efficient data analysis.

Financial management

Lack of financial transparency, difficulties in forecasting cash flow, lack of strategic planning, accumulation of debt...

There are countless problems that the lack of good financial management can cause.

Centralize all Financial Management on complete tools and 100% customizable reports, so you can view the results of your Clinic or Office according to your needs.

Screenshot of a financial report agreements screen

Management of Agreements and Glossaries has several features to make your life and the management of your business easier!

With our batch tool you can carry out financial control of your agreements! It is possible to create batches of orders filtering by agreement and period, including removing glosses for future review.

Humanized Technical Support

The Best Customer Experience on the Market!

Don't wait in line or be served by robots. With Cfaz, you will be assisted by a person from our team, on average, in just 1 minute!

Our multidisciplinary team receives intensive training so that you quickly have the solution you need!

Real-time service

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm

Channels: Direct chat in the system, WhatsApp, telephone or email.
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Tailor-made plans for the Management of Offices and Clinics

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Consulting Room

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Humanized Technical Support
Cfaz app
Benefits Program
Patient Management
Service Management
Requestor Management
Exams: Conducting and Outsourcing
Financial management
Requests Online
Management of Agreements and Procedures
Management of Agreements and Procedures
Online Recipe

R$ 99/month

R$ 159/month

Digital Signature of Documents

Practicality and agility in signing and filling out digital documents, such as reports, Patient Consent Terms, anamnesis sheets and exam forms.

In addition to facilitating compliance with the LGPD, this feature reduces printing costs, making the entire process digital for our customers, with the security of Cloud storage! system screen with a digital signature screen for issuing invoices

Simplify the Issuance of Invoices with Cfaz

Issue your Invoice on with just two clicks!

Issuing the invoice is important to comply with tax obligations and ensure transparency in processes.

With a cost starting at R$0.35 per note, your client receives the note directly by email and you can further centralize this service within!

Multiclinic Management

Increase your productivity, reduce costs and improve your results!

Manage your entire Network of Health Centers in a single system, viewing indicators for the entire network or for each center separately.

Financial and strategic reports can be assembled in real time, considering a single center, a part or all units.

Photo by Guilherme
“I chose for its futuristic proposal, a 100% online system that integrates all units. This encouraged me to open new units, as everything would be under my control.”
Dr. Guilherme Resende - Director of Digital Imaging and Dentistry Clinics - Cfaz client since 2014 system screen with several clinics
Screen of a report with exams carried out

100% Customizable Reports

Control the performance of your business, having a broad view of processes and create any type of report necessary with our grouping tool.

Build financial reports, such as calculating commissions, posting expenses and revenues.

Manage productivity and strategic management of scheduling, average ticket, peak times, partner map, control of procedures and delivery of exams.


Security and reliability in data processing

All data collected through is stored securely, following the strict norms and standards established by ISO 27001.

We offer tools for the efficient management of consent forms signed by patients when collecting data, so that Health Centers are also in compliance with regulations.

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