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and Medical Centers. is the first 100% online system for professionals and
Diagnostic Imaging centers.

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About us

Cfaz was born years ago in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. We developed, first native cloud system and 100% online for Diagnostic Imaging Centers. After recognition by SEED MG and FIEMG Lab as one of the most innovative companies in the market. Today we serve professionals and Radiological centers throughout Brazil and Latin America.

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What our customers are saying
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Dr. Guilherme A. R. Resende
Director of Clinics Imagem e Odontologia Digital

I chose because at the time they already had a futuristic proposal, offering a 100% online system and the possibility of integrating all units. With the implementation, I encouraged myself to open new units, as everything would be under my control, and even in the palm of my hand, through the cell phone.

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Dra. Maria Betânia da Silveira e Souza
Directress of Clinics ROC is software that has a heart. In addition to the professionalism offered, this was the differential that made us loyal to the system. The partnership eliminated bureaucracy and, therefore, we work with more freedom. This makes the Radiologist + Dentist + Patient relationship much more efficient and humane. The quantitative results are consequences of the harmony and pleasure of the team's work.

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Dr. Pedro Lima Emmerich Oliveira
Director of Clinics Craniofacial

Craniofacial and Cfaz have built a working relationship supported by trust and friendship. The software's functionality has often been updated according to Craniofacial's needs. has simplified company processes, exam deliveries are faster and quality control is more active.

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Dra. Larissa Veloso
Directress of the Clínicas Axial

Unlike the old program we used, which was slow, with an outdated layout and the most absurd for today: it needed to be installed on the computer, is super fast, practical and intuitive. You don't need to install anything, just enter your email and password and you're done! It's super modern and with great support assistance! In my opinion, they are the ones that present the best way to work in Dental Radiology. The team is very nice, full of spectacular innovations.

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Dra. Ângela Maragno
Directress of Clínica Santa Rita

Before I got to know, I had problems with technical assistance and charging for each new update. Cfaz's service is fast and efficient and system updates are constant and free. I recommend the solution to several colleagues and friends, as I think is an excellent alternative for managing the flow of care and administrative services in the clinic, in addition to being completely online, without the need to download heavy programs, easy to use and intuitive, with cloud storage and space to store DICOM files. Congratulations for your work and dedication!

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Dra. Patrícia Fernandes Avila
Directress of Clínica Precisão

I chose as my clinic's management software due to its practicality, clarity and good service, which is always impeccable. As a result of this partnership, I got faster processes and what I like most about the system is its ease of handling and agility, the possibility of integration with the equipment and automatic sending to the dentist.

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Find out what advantages offers over other systems in terms of saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity and billing.

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Our customers benefit from the security and robustness of the same cloud infrastructure used by Google in services such as its search engine, Gmail and Youtube.

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Meeting the standards of all health councils: CFO, CFM and ANVISA.

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We adopt the most advanced security protocols to guarantee the integrity and inviolability of patient data, in addition to committing ourselves not to use or share data without your consent.

Bring digital transformation to your business


The experience is simplified from the beginning, ensuring more agility and efficiency for the performance of exams and for the management of the clinic or medical center.


DICOM integration with all devices on the market and 100% secure storage in the Cloud, thanks to the infrastructure provided by Google Cloud Platform.


Schedules, PEP (Electronic Patient Record), Integration with any equipment that uses the DICOM protocol (PACS / Worklist), Financial Management, Control of Agreements and Disallowances, everything can be accessed from anywhere by the administrators of the clinic.

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We are the only management system for Radiology that offers storage of images and exams with 100% original quality.



Soporte nativo para Worklist y PACS, lo que permite la integración con cualquier dispositivo. Además, la impresora DICOM gratuita permite la integración con todo tipo de impresoras DRY.


Full support for digital models: storage, visualization and distribution.

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Manage the entire network of clinics or medical centers in a single system, viewing indicators for the entire network or each center separately.

Artificial Intelligence and Technologies developed by our engineers

Cfaz's Artificial Intelligence is present in our Cephalometric Tracing tool - for Dental Radiology - and in Automatic Image Identification for assembling templates. The Radiologist reduces the time it takes to perform a tracing, saves resources and can focus on what really matters: the patient's health and the development of his business. logo in the center linking with security shield, servers, computer and cell phone

Storage and distribution of CT scans 100% online. With, the applicant can view the tomographies directly on the online platform, without the need to install any software or download the file on the machine itself.

The DicomViewer developed by our engineering team allows to visualize the volumetric reconstruction MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) of the tomography. It also offers tools for volume manipulation, allowing you to change the axes of visualization of the cuts, in addition to applying filters and performing measurements.

Image Tomography in system Image Tomography in system
We connect your clinic to professionals from all over Brazil and abroad participating for free in our marketplace

Exclusive marketplace for report outsourcing, connecting Radiologists to Medical Centers throughout Brazil and Latin America.


Specific solution for report creation and outsourcing, through the CfazBusiness marketplace.

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CfazMax Images in the Application

Free image and exam portal for your applicants and patients, available in a Mobile Web Application, with complete patient history and online access via smartphone, tablet, in addition to the computer.

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